Wrencourt Gundog Training

Wrencourt Gundogs offers tailor-made training for all gundog breeds, registered or unregistered, either in groups or on an individual basis. Number of participants in group lessons are kept low to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their training.

Training takes places all year round. Please find below our current schedule. However, due to ever changing Covid-19 restrictions, these dates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please join our Wrencourt Gundogs Facebook page.

Virtual gundog training is also available for anyone who is unable to take part in our small group gundog lessons. We have successfully helped a client from Yorkshire train her dog virtually for the past few months: 

"As we were going into lockdown March 2020 , I saw Steve of Wrencourt Gundogs had advertised 'Zoom' training sessions on Facebook. Intrigued, I rang Steve to find out more . He asked me to send a video clip of my garden to enable him to plan training sessions .

I have had extremely successful training sessions from March to present day . His sessions are progressive and informative,  demonstrating Steve's ability to adapt to different situations and to keep thinking of new exercises to do in a garden. His positive training methods and his endless patience is amazing, both with dog and handler. I would highly recommend Steve and this way of training.Sue Cinnott

Puppies (10 - 16 weeks)


10:30 - 11:30


Either a one-off lesson or a 4-week course to provide you with insight on how to progress your puppy training for the first 4 - 6 months. 1-2-1 or group lesson.

Beginners (6 months +)

Please contact us for details


This class will start a more structured training approach for young dogs and/or novice handlers. Gundogs should be at least 6 months old - no upper limit within reason. 1-2-1 or group lesson.


13:00 - 16:00




Tuesdays & Fridays

At this point groups are split into Spaniels, Retrievers and HPRs and training takes on a more professional level. Handlers will learn how to get the best out of their dog for a particular purpose, e.g. beating, picking up or competing. This is run as a group lesson.


Please contact us for details


This class is for those who wish to compete with their gundog. Both handler and dog will have to have reached a certain level of gun dog training to join this group and it is designed to strengthen and align their partnership. 

Wrencourt - black Spaniel jumping into water pheasant in mouth
Wrencourt - black spaniel gundog training
Wrencourt - Group gundog water training